Terms of Reference - Namoi ROC Water Working Group

The following terms of reference were drawn up for the Namoi Regional organisation of Councils Water Working Group Sub Committee

Terms of Reference
Namoi ROC Water Working Group

1.   Mission Statement

That the WWG reports to and makes recommendations to the Namoi ROC on water policies and reforms that impact on the Namoi regional economy.  Identify and seek to leverage both Australian and NSW State Government funding (including structural adjustment monies) for the benefit of LG areas in the Catchment.

2.   Membership

At the last Namoi ROC Meeting in Narrabri (20/02/09) it was resolved that WWG membership was to consist of representatives of the following entities:
• Tamworth Regional Council.
• Narrabri Shire Council.
• Namoi Water.
• Namoi CMA (Conveyor/Chair).
• A major industrial water user.

Pro bono secretarial support will be provided to the WWG by Namoi Water.
The WWG can co-opt external expertise as required. 

3.   Objectives
• Facilitate the Namoi ROC taking on a leadership role on Catchment water issues.
• Seek to lessen the impacts of Australian Government Murray Darling Basin water reforms on LG areas in the Catchment.
• Press for detailed socio-economic studies that analyse the impact of Australian Government water reforms on LG areas in the Catchment.
• Seek to access Australian Government (National Water Initiative) structural adjustment monies for the benefit of the Catchment Community.
• As necessary, lobby the Australian Government (including the Murray Darling Basin Authority) and State Government on water issues impacting on the Catchment.
• Develop a regional governance framework to support requests for access to National Water Initiative structural adjustment funding and ensure the equitable distribution of such funding across all Catchment water users.
• Provide the Namoi ROC with frequent updates on Catchment water infrastructure matters/issues and make recommendations on future infrastructure needs.

4.   Meetings
WWG should meet at least once quarterly (more frequently upon demand) prior to each Namoi ROC Meeting.

5.   External Activities
The WWG cannot engage in any external activities (e.g. lobbying, funding applications, etc) without Namoi ROC approval.

6.   This Terms of Reference was adopted by the Namoi ROC on 15 May 2009.

Bruce Brown
General Manager
Namoi Catchment Management Authority