Board Election Process

Election process for the Board of Namoi Water

Board representatives are elected by the relevant water group at an annual meeting of that group and nominated for acceptance at the Namoi Water AGM (usually early September).  The annual meetings for each of the 4 water groups are held prior to the AGM.  These meetings provide a brief update specific to the water source but are primarily aimed at electing the nomination to the board of Namoi Water. The Namoi Water AGM is intended to be the primary event for the organisation, please contact the Namoi Water office for proxy forms for nominations and proxy votes for all water source meetings. Proxy votes are not eligible for the Namoi Water AGM.

All members are encouraged to attend the Namoi Water AGM. Half of the board is elected each year. Retiring board members may renominate if they wish. The date for the AGM will be notified at a latter date.